+ 1x 2.5ft Sloppy Chops Co. Climbing Rope Leash (10mm thick, Color Me Gone) – meant for dragging on trails, or city walking with maximum control.
+ 2x 6ft Hurtta Casual Rope Leash (11mm thick, Heather/Geranium and Lingon/River) – meant for most situations, street and trail legal.
+ 2x 10ft Wilderdog Climbing Rope Leash (9.5mm thick, Granite and Islander) – meant for maximum freedom while on leash, primarily on trails; sometimes waist worn or combined into 20ft.

+ 2x Beast and Babe Buckle Collars (Tangerine Fiend and Jumbo Shrimp)- to be left on indoors/in the car.
+ 1x Sloppy Chops Biothane Buckle Collar (16mm thick, Ice Caves)- to be left on indoors/in the car.
+ 1x Yark Leather Buckle Collar (19mm thick, Winnie) – to be left on indoors/in the car.
+ 2x Hurtta Padded Harness (Heather and River) – for all walks/hikes and in between places.

Safety Gear: 
+ 2x Ruffwear Beacon Lights – for visibility at night.
+ 1x Ruffwear Track Jacket – for visibility off leash.
+ 4x RC Pets Pawks – for grip indoors.
+ 4x Ruffwear Summit Trex – for protection outdoors.
+ 4x Ruffweat Grip Trex – for grip/protection outdoors.
+ 2x Coghlan’s Bear Bell – for added positioning outdoors off leash.
+ 6x Canine Habits Custom Tags – for relocating lost dogs.

Warm Weather Gear (between 60F/15C and 80F/27C):
+ 1x Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker – staying protected from the elements.
+ 2x Hurtta Torrent Coat (Cherry and Fern) – staying dry with no insulation.
+ 1x Ruffwear Swamp Cooler – staying cool outdoors.
+ 1x Ruffwear Jet Stream (Blue Lagoon) – staying cool and mobile outdoors.

Cold Weather Gear (between 20F/-7C and 50F/10C):
+ 2x Hurtta Extreme Warmer (Lingon and Graphite) – hard shell with insulation for staying dry and warm outdoors.
+ 2x Hurtta Body Warmer – base layer/insulation indoors.
+ 1x Love Thy Beast Bamboo Fleece Hoodie (Teal) – aesthetic wear indoors with some insulation.
+ 1x Ruffwear Fernie (Larkspur Purple) – sweater for midrange temperatures on dry days in or outdoors, or for layering.
+ 1x Pawtagonia Custom Sweater – sweater for midrange temperatures on dry days in or outdoors, or for layering.

Bandanas (for fun): 1x Mutt Cloth Blues, Kingdom, Salt (Black), Fireside, and Revival.