Custom 2′ Traffic Leads + Custom 2′ x 2’+2′ Coupler

$30.59 + $42.49 through Petoji ($30-50 MSRP)

+ Attractive assortment of colours that are customizable
+ Washable, high-quality durable waterproof materials
+ Tangle-free swivel hardware and auto-locking twist lock carabiner
+ A little bit stiff and on the heavier side and no nighttime reflectivity
+ More expensive than most leashes on the market

Function: 4 // Durability: 4 // Value: 3.5 // Aesthetics: 4 // Fit: 4 // Customer Service: 4



Cotton, nylon, leather, plastic, and metal are the most common materials used in leashes, and each has their pros and cons, but most won’t last more than 2 or 3 years with heavy use. Petoji, whose special coated webbing, also known as biothane, more or less fixes the vast majority of problems with the other common materials – it is waterproof, washable, stink-free, abrasion-resistant, dirtproof, durable, and won’t fade or fray. However, one component is completely missing – reflectivity. Without any reflectors, Petoji leashes lack the safety for nighttime use.


My dogs are not very rambunctious in the elements so dirt and grime aren’t exactly our worst enemies, but they do love rolling on dead animals and my little one even rolls in poop. They have also dragged plenty of leashes through stagnant city puddles, muddy marshes, and seaweed-covered beaches. And even in a few unfortunate moments, leashes have been dropped onto fresh poop or pee. The worst part about all of this? Me having to hold onto these leashes to walk my dogs back home or somewhere I can wash them – sometimes hours away.

With Petoji leashes, I can simply dunk them or splash them with water – everything just washes right off, and I don’t have to worry about them soaking up any of that water. Unlike many leashes made of nylon or cotton, especially rope leashes or most standard leashes, there isn’t a chance for mildew or mold to grow. And the best part is that the leash almost looks brand new after a simple rinse!


So what’s the secret to all of this? Petoji leashes are made of polyester webbing and coated with PVC. PVC is perfectly safe for dogs, so those with light chewers don’t have to worry (unless ingested, which is a flaw of this material and we’ll get to later in this review). This material makes the leash very strong and durable, even comfortable to hold, while also somewhat flexible and not too heavy.

Durability for Petoji is at the forefront of their success – not only can it handle many mudbaths, poops, and even more washes, it is also abrasion-resistant. My dogs have dragged their leashes over rocks and sand, as well as on sidewalks and pavement, but there doesn’t seem to be a single significant scratch for me to find on the leads. Only the hardware has sustained some very minimal damage from scuffing, and they’re also listed as rust-free, which is debatable since washing them a year later has yielded some rusty-looking water.

img_7325Neither of my dogs are strong pullers or big dogs, but I strength tested this leash on myself with my car, and there wasn’t any give. I would feel comfortable using this leash to walk even my 100-pound clients! My little guy is only 10 pounds (his height and length are comparable to a 15 pounder though), but this leash isn’t heavy or overbearing on him even though it is rated for 20 pounds and up. However, Petoji does make a smaller, thinner leash called the Adventure Leash Mini and instead of 3/4″ width, it is 5/8″ (and features a different carabiner). And on the other end, there may be some people who prefer a 1″ wide leash for the bigger guys that they don’t offer.

There’s only one weakness in the durability of this leash and it is with chewers and aggressive biters, or little puppies with their razor-sharp teeth. While neither of my dogs chewed the biothane, I could that tell that chunks could easily be bitten off and swallowed, which can be very dangerous, so I don’t recommend this leash for chronic chewers.

But for something to be this strong and durable without any padding, you would think it was uncomfortable, but it’s not. There’s a very subtle texture on Petoji leashes that is quite smooth and comfortable. Even after several hours of use, my hands were not tired, chafed, or worn. If you have a puller, it may not have as much friction to have a good grip on as some other materials, but it also won’t rip apart your hands bloody, which is a huge plus. I haven’t lost grip of these leashes on any of our walks or hikes.

Flexibility is a slight drawback to durability, but it’s not terrible – you can certainly roll it, but you can’t fold it, twist it, or easily pack it as you could with rope leashes, for example. It’s nowhere stiff, but with any space to expand, it will. And because of its heavy duty hardware, Petoji isn’t your lightest leash.

The hardware is pretty standard on Petoji leashes, but they don’t hold back either. They’re aluminium, and supposed to be rust-free (as mentioned above, debatable). The lead is bolted together twice near the carabiner, and twice near the handle. There’s also a smaller d-ring at the handle that allows for easy attachment of accessories.

img_7355-jpgThe Petoji swivel bolt twist lock carabiner (right) compared to the heavy duty knotted Metolius screw carabiner on the Wilderdog leashes (left).

The swivel bolt twist lock carabiner is my personal favourite attachment method to a collar or harness and Petoji has it. The swivel capability is tangle-free and prevents twisting or warping the leash should your dog suddenly go different directions. The twist lock on the carabiner prevents escape that sometimes happens with spring-loaded carabiners, but isn’t as cumbersome as the screw lock used by some other leashes. It is a pretty typical sized carabiner, and just a slight bit heavier than average, large in part due to the locking component. The twist lock does take some getting used to if you’re a little clumsy, but you can definitely do it with one hand, and after a while you won’t even notice it. I don’t think twice about clipping and unclipping the carabiner, and it has never slowed me down once. I rest much easier knowing that my dogs are safe, while being able to let them off-leash and get them back on quickly.


If you happen to have two dogs (or even more), you can opt for the Double Adventure Leash. This coupler is essentially a short traffic leash attached to two leads on the carabiner. While the carabiners are still swivel bolted, where the two leads are attached on the carabiner isn’t a swivel bolt like other couplers, so the coupler is not entirely tangle-free as listed.

But the best part about the carabiner attachment is that you can take apart the coupler and use the top leash as a traffic leash, or just remove one of the attached leads to have an extended single leash. If I need to pick up Jasper, my little guy, and continue to walk Deer, I can do this easily without having another lead dangle. The double is listed to hold up to 200 pounds combined, and I believe it.

img_7146-jpg.jpegPetoji products are definitely made for the adventure pup in mind in terms of durability, but with 10 bold, solid colours and 1000’s of customizable outcomes including hardware and length, Petoji is just as suitable and attractive in the city. Besides, the city can be just as dirty or even dirtier than the great outdoors.

At $30 to $50 per leash (or coupler), Petoji isn’t your cheapest leash. However, if you take in account the durability, the customization, and all the small details, you’ll quickly realize this is probably one of the longest lasting leash you can find on the market, and thus worth every penny.


FINAL SAY: Highly recommended. For a standard leash, I have yet to find anything comparable to the Petoji biothane, except for other biothane. They may lack in any special functionality like being hands-free or being lightweight and packable, and has no reflectivity, but they stomp all the rest when it comes to truly being dog-rated. Aside from chewing, this leash can handle pretty much everything else you throw at it, whether that be the weather, the environment, or even time. Keeping it clean is almost too easy, and you’ll be sure that you and your dog will be rocking the trail or the sidewalk, whether you customize your leash or not.

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Originally written Jan. 2017, updated Nov. 2017