Primitive Hounds

A Creative Nomad Disguised as 2 Podengos

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Hi, my name is Angie. I have been obsessed with dogs since I was on all fours myself. But only real dogs can fill a dog person’s heart, so I surrounded myself with them as often as possible – from a Dal to a Dobie to an entire Husky pack. My dogs are my chosen family members and they go everywhere with me. I think constantly bout how I can make them happier and healthier, and in turn I get to become a better person.

I created this blog to share my life in dog years as authentically and candidly as possible. The plan is to fill it with with personal anecdotes of failures and successes, tips and suggestions from my acquired knowledge of training and nutrition, as well as reviews of products I purchase (no sponsored posts!).

Why Primitive Hounds? Because of my interest in the crossing grounds of wild and domestic hunting dogs…and of course, these two:

My soul dog is Deer, a Portuguese Podengo Medio, 17 years old, and still living with Stage III Liver Cancer. She was imported to hunt in Connecticut and dumped at 13, but since her adoption, Deer has broken and defied all expectations. In 3 years, she spent over 200 days on the road, travelled to every single state and province East of the Mississippi River – hiking sections of the Appalachian Trail, dipping in each Great Lake, and owning the streets of world-class cities. An adventurer to the very end, Deer is finally retired and living out her last months happily grubbing and snoozing away.

Jasper used to simply be Deer’s “mini me,” but is becoming a dog of his own. He’s a 6 year old UKC and AKC championed Portuguese Podengo Pequeno retired show dog who joined us almost 2 years ago. Once known as “Jittery Jasper” for his debilitating anxieties, he has recently gone “full Podengo” – escaping, ignoring commands, stealing food, and well, enjoying life.

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